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• About Jack
   • Brief Biography of Jack Adamo
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Jack Adamo began self-educating himself in the ways of the stock market in the early eighties while the economy was mired in recession and "stagflation." Despite the prevailing negative environment for equities, he soon saw that with his analytical nature and common sense, he was better at judging investments than most market gurus of the time.

Never one to do things half-way, Jack returned to college to study accounting in order to better understand the intricacies of corporate finance. He made the Dean's List, graduated Summa Cum Laude, won an accounting award from Deloitte & Touche, and subsequently passed the CPA exam.

He recalls with a smile that on more than one occasion, he had to discretely take aside a professor to correct him on some point of investment fact. Jack's years of experience had already given him a post-graduate understanding of the ways of Wall Street.

"Jack has made over 20 television appearances on the subject of insider transactions, financial accounting issues in stock analysis, and other investment-related subjects."

Following The Insider Connection

In 1993 Jack began analyzing insider transactions, an area of expertise he has pursued for over a decade. A recognized expert on the subject, Jack has been interviewed for National Public Radio, The New York Times and Newsday. His insider insights have been published by financial magazines, including Barron’s. As of this writing, (Feb. ’04) Jack has made over 20 television appearances on the subject of insider transactions, financial accounting issues in stock analysis, and other investment-related subjects.

Jack has been the editor and portfolio manager of a newsletter on insider transactions and other investment opportunities since 1996.

Finding The New Sweet Spot

Jack’s interest in insider transactions stemmed from the fact that his analysis found the "sweet spot" in the market. The place where it was easy to make high profits with little risk. Beginning in 1997, however, Jack noticed that corporate insiders had tuned into the fact that the public was watching their behavior. Insiders began to buy stocks for public relations purposes, that is, to fool the public into thinking something good was happening at the company when nothing was. This trend has continued and accelerated over the past few years, and though Jack knows how to tell real insider buying from the phony, the amount of real insider buying has continued to decline in recent years, making these transactions a less productive area for study. As far as we know, Jack is the only follower of insider transactions to come out and state to his subscribers and to the public that most insider buying nowadays is phony. Other "experts" are contented to sell an illusion to the public.

Beginning in the bubble years of the late 90s, Jack noticed that the highly speculative nature of the market had caused call option premiums to rise to new highs. Speculators’ high expectations for future stock advances were prompting them to pay excessively for the right to purchase stock at ever-increasing prices. Jack knew that in writing call options for over-eager speculators, he had found the new sweet spot in the market.

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